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Storm Doors on Long Island

Provia Spectrum storm door

    Storm Doors are relatively inexpensive to install and provide many benefits. These doors are typically aluminum and have interchangeable glass and screen inserts. There are also storm doors that have retractable screens, eliminating the need to change out the glass to install a screen.


    Storm doors protect your exterior door from the elements. Many front doors have special paint or stains that can use extra protection. It will help stop wind blown debris from hitting your door and also reduce the cost of maintenance. Installing a storm door will definitely prolong the life of your exterior door saving you money in the long run. 


    A storm door can also help your homes energy efficiency, even if your entry door is relatively new. It does this by putting an extra layer of protection between your door and the weather. Some storm doors offer the option for high performance glass that can also reduce energy loss. Having a storm door can also bring more sunlight into your home because you will be able to keep your entry door open while keeping insects out and keeping your security intact. 


    If a storm door sounds like it is something you wish to have installed in your home please don’t hesitate to contact us at Factory Doors and Windows. The more you hear about us the more you will realize we are one of the best installers on Long Island. We are the best source for your window and door purchases.

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