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Geometric Windows on Long Island

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Endure Shaped Windows with Inspirations
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    Geometric windows can give your home a unique look. If you have a large or angled wall in your house you may want to consider installing a geometric window to maximize your view and add natural light. These windows come in non-traditional shapes and add a distinct aesthetic look to any room. 


    Geometric windows come in fixed or operable styles. Some common shapes are eyebrow, half circle, octagon, triangle, oval, circle, trapezoid, gothic, and many more. These custom windows usually become a rooms’ primary focal point. If you have a nice view you shouldn’t let it go to waste! Some vaulted ceilings with distinct angles require installing geometric custom windows to follow the lines of the roof. In these rooms we may suggest installing windows from floor to ceiling.    


    Custom features most definitely add value to your home. Geometric windows bring out your home’s beauty both inside and out. Operable windows will always be lower performing than a geometric/picture window because they have more air infiltration. Geometric windows are made with high performance glass and advanced frame technology. This all leads to a more energy efficient window. 


    Factory Doors and Windows offers custom geometric windows from several manufacturers. We always stand by our installations by backing them with a Lifetime Labor Warranty. Specializing in installation of windows and doors helps us stand out from the rest. We make sure our installations are always done correctly and to the manufacturers specifications. Choosing Factory Doors and Windows as your installer will help you get the most life out of whatever product you select. 

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