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Sliding Windows on Long Island

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   Sliding windows are very popular in many areas of the country. They feature two operable sashes that move from side to side. The sashes move easily on integrated roller systems. The sashes meet vertically in the middle and a stile interlocks around weatherstripping to prevent drafts.


    Sliders are very easy to use, gliding horizontally with minimal effort. Large square or rectangular openings are often the best place to install Sliding Windows. This creates a wide view of the exterior and allows more light than multiple double hungs or casements. Installing a larger window allows more fresh air to come in. If you install sliding windows on opposite sides of a room you can create a beautiful cross breeze.


    Ease of operation is also a key feature of sliding windows, a gentle push allows the sash to move. If you hire Factory Doors and Windows you can rest assured your slider windows will operate easily for decades. It is very simple to clean sliding windows because the sashes lift out of the frame.


    Factory Doors and Windows uses all the top brands to make sure we meet our clients needs. Schedule a free no-obligation consultation today. 


    Count on Factory Doors and Windows for Sliding Window Installation


    The best way to fully appreciate an addition like a Sliding window is by having it

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professionally installed by Factory Doors and Windows. We make sure to deliver a job well done every time. Our educational sales approach assures our customers are completely informed about what they’re buying. We believe the more a customer knows about quality Slider windows the more likely they will want to work with Factory Doors and Windows. We NEVER use high-pressure sales tactics like many other window and door companies. At Factory Doors and Windows we stand by all of our installations. We do this by backing them with a Lifetime Labor Warranty. 


    What makes Factory Doors and Windows different? The answer is easy, it’s because we specialize solely in the installation of windows and doors. We make sure our installation is always done correctly and to the manufacturers specifications. Choosing Factory Doors and Windows as your installer will help you get the most life out of whatever product you select. 


    Whatever project your deciding on doing be sure to give us a call today for a no-obligation, free consultation. We are more than happy to assist you with window selection, assuring you make the right choice for your home. 

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