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Awning & Casement Windows

on Long Island

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    Awning and Casement windows are very similar. Awnings are hinged at the top of the window, while casements are hinged on the left or right. Opening from the bottom, Awning window sashes open towards the outside of the home. Some benefits of Casement and Awning windows include greater energy efficiency, better ventilation, and a modern appearance. Casement and Awning windows feature a crank handle that turns to open and close the window. When opened fully they provide the most ventilation of any window style. Both open to the outside with screens on the interior.    


    Installing replacement or new construction windows in your Long Island home create several advantages including:


  • MORE VENTILATION — Casement windows are great for natural ventilation. They can open at right angles, allowing breezes into your home. Casements can be opened all the way unlike double hungs (which is the predominant window style on Long Island). This allows almost double the air flow compared to a Double Hung window.

  • EASE OF USE — Casement windows use crank operators to open. Instead of having to lift a sash up or down to get air, all you have to do is rotate the crank handle a few times to achieve maximum ventilation. Opening a casement window requires much less effort than opening a double hung because your not fighting gravity. Also casement window screens are easier to clean. 

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY — Casement windows prevent air infiltration most effectively because the window seal compresses even more when its windy.


   At Factory Doors and Windows we stand by all of our installations. We do this by backing it with a Lifetime Labor Warranty. Specializing in installation of windows and doors helps us stand out from the rest. We make sure our installations are always done correctly and to the manufacturers specifications. Choosing Factory Doors and Windows as your installer will help you get the most life out of whatever product you select. 

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